The Value of Friends

We all need friends. That’s a big reason that Facebook has been so successful.

Sometimes we might think that businesses don’t need friends, but that’s not true. Even businesses need friends, even if we don’t always call them friends.

Are your customers your friends, or just acquaintances?  Friends are loyal. If your customers aren’t loyal, they’re not really friends. It’s good to know lots of people, but friends are better.

Are your employees friends? Will they stand with you during the hard times and do whatever it takes to get you back on your feet? Will they drop you the instant a better offer comes along? Friends are reliable. Fair weather friends can be useful but you can’t always count on them.

What about your suppliers? Will they work with you to come up with the best solution or are they just interested in a shallow conversation and a quick transaction?

Are you a friend? Are you looking to find business relationships that are built to last, can help others achieve their success and of course, work with them through the hard times? Let’s hope so.

Businesses are ultimately made up by the people in them. The quality and reliability of the people in any company ultimately leads to the culture of an organization and the way they treat other people and businesses. Hopefully they treat you like a friend.

Speaking of friends, one of our recent interns is back at college doing some fun work in a Digital Media class and we want to tip our hat to her and her blog. We’re pretty proud of our friend so take a look:

What’s in a name?

My dad wanted to name me Floyd. I don’t know why. I think he just liked the name. He had a good friend and cousin named Floyd so maybe he felt that he would be honoring his friend by naming me after him. It was a different generation and Floyd wasn’t really in vogue when I was born. I don’t think it’s back in vogue yet either. Fortunately, my mom was the voice of reason and I was named Phil instead. Something a little more appropriate for my generation. Thanks mom!

When coming up with a name for RADzle Consulting, we were looking for something that fit what we do, was simple and was appropriate for this generation.  Since Rapid Application Development (RAD) is at the core of what we do, a play on the acronym seemed appropriate. Our goal is to dazzle our customers with what we do, so Dazzle became the other part of the name.

Or, we could have gone with Floyd Programming Corp. It would have made my dad happy 😉