First Open Source Submission

I just posted a package of code that I’ve been working on for over ten years.  The Rapid Application Development Framework.

I’ve meant to do it for a long time but always wanted to finish that one last feature. Tonight, I decided to release it as it is even though I still have features in my head that I haven’t had a chance to build yet.

You can find lots of discussions around the internet about the value of, dangers of, pros of and cons of open source. It’s often a hard sell but I believe that the advantages of open source outweigh the cons. This is my own personal experiment in the area. I think it will go well.

I hope to post a fair bit about the RAD Framework and the philosophy around it on this blog. For now, the fact that it is released will have to do.

This framework provides a lot of standard navigation and common application functionality for a Domino application infrastructure. Reuseability,  maintainability and reliable execution are key features of this framework.  Millions of transactions have proven the value of this framework and it’s still going strong.

Take a look, download it and try it out on your Domino server. You can find it at